Meet Gigoo, the $15 Million Dollar Chicken


Most of us only dream of having a bank account with millions of dollars available to spend on a whim. Strangely enough, there's actually a chicken that has a wallet bigger than most of us could ever hope for.

Gigoo the chicken was the beloved pet of British publishing mogul Miles Blackwell. When Blackwell passed away in 2011, he left a staggering $15 million dollars behind to Gigoo. According to the Independent, Blackwell died just three weeks after his wife, and had recently sold his business to retire in the english countryside with his animals.

Gigoo. Photo via Twitter.

Most of Blackwell's massive fortune was left to various charities, but he couldn't help but leave a little behind to make sure his chicken was well taken care of after his death. It's not clear if Gigoo has used his newfound fortune to support a crazy lifestyle of unlimited feed and long nights of partying. More than likely, he's just having a great time living out his days on his family farm, just the way his owner hoped he would.

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Meet Gigoo, the $15 Million Dollar Chicken