This British Chicken Has A Net Worth Of $15 Million Dollars


Most of us only dream of having a bank account with millions of dollars available to spend on a whim. How frustrating is it knowing that some of the world's richest pets have a net worth that is completely unattainable to the average person?  There's actually a chicken (a British chicken to be exact) that has a wallet bigger than most of us could ever hope for.

Meet Gigoo the chicken, also known as the world's richest chicken, who was the favorite pet of British publishing tycoon, Miles Blackwell. When Blackwell passed away in 2011, he left a staggering $15 million dollars behind to Gigoo (yes, to his chicken). According to the Independent, Blackwell died just three weeks after his wife and had recently sold his business to retire in the English countryside where the childless couple moved to focus on breeding Manx Loghtan sheep and the rare breed of Scots Dumpy hens.


Gigoo The Chicken
Gigoo. Photo via Twitter.


Don't worry, Blackwell didn't leave all of his enormous fortune to Gigoo. That kind of dough needs to go to a good cause. Blackwell and his wife established a charitable trust to benefit the preservation of rare breeds and animal welfare causes. But he couldn't help but leave a little (for his standards, obviously it's still an insane amount of money) behind to make sure his chicken was well taken care of after his death.

It's not clear if Gigoo has used his newfound fortune to support a crazy lifestyle of unlimited feed and long nights of partying. I hope he's flown out to the United States to meet up with Taylor Swift's famous cat, Olivia Benson or Oprah Winfrey's dogs: Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla, and Luke. More than likely, he's just having a great time living out his days on his family farm, just the way his owner hoped he would.

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This British Chicken Has A Net Worth Of $15 Million Dollars