Meet Gigi the Dairy Cow, America’s Queen of Milk Production

The most productive dairy cow of 2015 has officially been crowned.

9-year-old Gigi spends her days grazing the fields of Bur-Wall Holsteins in Brooklyn, Wisc. Gigi has become a superstar after breaking the U.S. record for milk production last year. In 2015, she produced 74,650 pounds of milk – that’s nearly triple the amount that an average cow creates in a year.

Gigi’s proud owner, Robert Behnke, tells KUNC that her insatiable appetite has gotten her into trouble more than a few times. She’s escaped from her stall multiple times in search of more hay to feed on.

“She’s a diva,” Behnke says. “She knows she’s good and if you don’t realize that, she will let you know that.”

Although Gigi is currently enjoying her time in the spotlight, her journey to fame has been a long one. Over the past few years, the cow has been breaking records and earning multiple awards for her incredible udder abilities.

“You don’t have to tell her she’s a celebrity,” Behnke says jokingly. “She already thinks she is.”

Gigi is mother to four calves, Gina, Giggles, Ginger and Gorgeous, who Behnke hopes will be just as productive as their mom. Until then, Gigi will enjoy her much-deserved reign as queen of the dairy cows.

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Meet Gigi the Dairy Cow, America’s Queen of Milk Production