This Meal From KFC Isn’t What It Looks Like

At first glance, this image seems pretty unremarkable. It could be a promotional shot from KFC, showcasing the various food options they have to offer. Or, it could be a snapshot of a customer showing off the massive meal they’re about to enjoy.

In reality, this is a cake.

The talented Australian baker Branka Njegich painted this realistic KFC cake. During the day, she works full-time as a computer programmer. She made the impressive cake for a family friend’s 21st birthday and posted photos of the finished product to her Facebook and Instagram pages. The photos quickly went viral, and many began to question how she made the cake so realistic.

“It’s all cake, the only things that aren’t edible is the Pepsi can obviously and the little boxes,” Njegich told the Daily Mail. “The popcorn chicken is not chicken, the chips are fondant, the gravy is a creamy caramel and the mashed potato a vanilla buttercream. The corn is all edible, its jelly beans and melted Starbursts.”

She uses a special airbrushing technique on her cakes, which gives them their hyper-realistic look. “It’s quite an extensive process,” Njegich said. Even though it’s an intensive process, its a hobby that she plans to keep in her life for a long time to come.

You can see more of Njegich’s impressive cakes at her Instagram page.

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This Meal From KFC Isn’t What It Looks Like