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This McDonald's Worker Revealed the Secret Disgusting Things at the Chain

Everyone knows that McDonald's is not a healthy place to grab a bite to eat. Seriously, you can't even kid yourself into thinking otherwise. There is nothing about grease-laden fries or double decker hamburgers that screams "healthy living". However, there is a certain health standard that we expect even the most sub-standard food to adhere to. Honestly, if you're going to choose to put bad-for-you food into your body, you may as well feel confident that it's not going to do any immediate damage to you.

Right? Well, apparently McDonald's doesn't feel the same way. A McDonald's employee from Louisiana took to Twitter to announce his horrification at the abysmal state of the franchise of the fast food chain works at.

He showed photos of moldy ice cream machines and deeply frozen hamburgers and fish patties.

While it isn't any shocker that the meat that you indulge in at the golden arches is previously frozen, the uncleanliness of the machine from which those delightful McFlurry's come forth is astounding.

Twitter users, of course, had their piece to say.

One fellow blamed the employees for the abysmal state of the ice cream machine.

Someone else countered, that it was so bad that even Wendy's could do better.

People were even getting offended for the customer base as a whole.

No one, however, was completely shocked that the restaurant served previously frozen meat.

One guy even had the problem solved from the outside.

Nick, who originally tweeted the photos, said that anyone who is not put off by these photos clearly needs to do some soul searching.

So, will you be heading to McDonald's the next time a craving strikes? No judgment, but. These pictures might flash before your eyes.


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