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McDonald's To Close Hundreds of Locations in Walmarts Across the Nation

Hundreds of McDonald's locations in Walmart stores are feeling the brut of the pandemic, as customers opt to shop from online retailers and use the drive-thru window when they are craving fast food. According to CNBC, the closures of McDonald's in Walmart locations have declined in recent years, and at the end of the closures, only 150 locations will remain across 3,570 SuperCenters. Subway is also a fast food chain found inside Walmarts that is pulling the plug on some of their locations.

McDonald's Are Closing in Walmart SuperCenters Across the USA

Chief Financial Officer Kevin Ozan shared that because of the lower sales volume, the closures of McDonald's stores would be accelerated than predicted.

These closures don't mean that customers can no longer grab food while in Walmart. In fact, it might help open up opportunities to more businesses and provide more take-out options if you use services like UberEats.

"We have a great opportunity with our leased space business to help our stores become even more convenient and relevant to local communities," the company said in a statement. "We are excited to continue to bring in new businesses that make sense for our customers and their changing needs."

What is replacing McDonald's in Walmart?

According to Fox Business, the chain is looking for other ways to provide for hungry customers despite the lower foot traffic.

Walmart is testing new smoothie vending machines in stores and opening Charleys Philly Steaks locations. The chain is also working with a Sushi concept in its home state of Arkansas and a concept called Ghost Kitchens, which allows customers to order food from other restaurants including Saladworks, Quiznos, and other restaurant chains. A number of locations could be getting a Dominos or Taco Bell as well.

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