McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets Are Coming Soon

Update: January 26, 2021

They came, and went, and are back again! McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets are returning on February 1, after fans took to Twitter and asked McDonald's to bring them back. As an added bonus, from Feb. 2 - 6, customers can get a free 6-piece Spicy Chicken McNuggets exclusively on their McDelivery with Door Dash order of $20 or more, using the code SPICY.

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Move over Wendy's, McDonald's is joining the spicy nugget game! Starting September 16, the fast food giant will be offering new McDonald's spicy chicken McNuggets for a limited time. The same all-white-meat you love, the crispy chicken nuggets will be enrobed in a tempura coating loaded with cayenne and chili peppers, adding a nice kick. And it doesn't stop there. For the first time since 2017, the fast food chain is adding a brand new sauce to the menu. The new Mighty Hot Sauce is a spicy combo of crushed red peppers and spicy chilis. This spicy option is something I am very excited for.

McDonald's New Spicy Chicken McNuggets are Hot!

Vice President Linda VanGosen shared the following in a press release:

"This is the first time we've introduced a new flavor of our classic Chicken McNuggets in the U.S. since they came to menus in 1983. As our customers have been asking for Spicy McNuggets for some time now, we couldn't think of a better time to bring them to our menus. We can't wait for McNuggets fans to get a taste of these new spicy options."

Do you know the best way to cool off your tongue after eating the new spicy chicken nuggets? Ice cream! McDonald's is also announcing a brand new Chips Ahoy!®McFlurry made with vanilla soft-serve, caramel topping, and Chips Ahoy!® cookie pieces. The dessert will be available in snack and regular sizes starting September 16 and will be available for a limited time.

During the coronavirus pandemic, a number of McDonald's dining rooms are currently closed. All locations are open for drive-thru and take-out along with delivery.

I don't know about you, but I can see a DIY chicken sandwich in my future. Stuff a few McDonald's spicy nuggets on a bun and load on the new Mighty Hot sauce. Take that Popeyes and KFC.

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