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McDonald's McRib is Back in Honor of Its 35th Anniversary

Love it or hate it, you simply cannot deny its power. The McDonald's McRib is back, and the Internet is freaking out. This boneless pork sandwich simply won't go away, much to the delight of McRib lovers around the country. The sandwich originally popped up on the fast food chain's menu in 1982. The soon-to-be-iconic boneless pork patty was smothered in barbecue sauce before being served with pickles and onions on a toasted hoagie bun. Despite today's fanaticism, the sandwich didn't get enough love and it disappeared from the menu three years later.

While it's not as iconic as the fast food chain's ever-popular Big Mac, something about the McRib keeps it coming back (and back, and back). An episode of The Simpsons had a knock-off version (the Krusty Burger's Ribwich), and shows like Big Bang Theory and Family Guy have name-dropped the sandwich as well.



Consumer demand has continuously revived the sandwich over the years. McDonald's new CEO, Steve Easterbrook, has made some bold new moves for the fast food chain, with a promise of sustainably sourced food and revealing a new Dollar Menu, but he's not afraid to revive old favorites, either.  This limited edition revival will celebrate the McRib's 35th-anniversary comeback.

The cult-classic is only making a limited time appearance, and only at select locations. Want to know where you can find one? People are so stoked about the faux-scarce item they built a McRib Locator. This crowdsourced map allows users to confirm sightings, and you can even enter your address to find the one closest to you. Right now, sightings are thick throughout the Midwest, southern California, New York, Chicago, and Texas.

The rollout appears to be cascading instead of all at once. McDonald's menus in select California locations are already showcasing the McRib sandwich, while the Hawaii branches are waiting a week or so to unveil it.

Use the McRib finder or download the app (yes, there's an app for that) to locate a sandwich near you.

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