McDonald's Faces Lawsuit Over Feces on a Wrapper Claim

McDonald's is the place to go for cheap fast food, the ultimate destination for unaccountably delicious fries and juicy burgers. However, a current lawsuit filed against a New Jersey McDonald's has us questioning our favorite burger joint. On January 13, Amanda Bordois was enjoying a bag of McDonald's French fries with her daughter when she noticed "a brown substance" all over the burger wrapper and her daughter's right hand.

A Disgusting Discovery

McDonald's feces

The "brown substance" appeared to be feces, and was marked by a horrible stench. Brodois first called the McDonald's restaurant by phone, but was unable to get ahold of any employees. She then called the police to file a report on the sullied drive-thru meal. Officer Kevin Gandy was the one to investigate the matter, and he confirmed "what appeared to be feces" on the McDonald's wrapper.

Officer Gandy reached out to the manager of the Millville, N.J McDonald's in question, who replied to the accusation by saying that it was impossible, because he would have seen poop on the gloves he was wearing when completing take-out orders. The Cumberland County Health Department then did an inspection on January 15. Although one employee was seen putting on gloves without washing their hands, the McDonald's passed the inspection, and no fecal matter was found.

John Durante of JDKD Enterprises of Sewell, the owner and operator of the McDonald's in question, reportedly stated that "serving safe, high quality food is always our top priority and we take this claim seriously. We have taken the appropriate steps to investigate this matter and have been unable to substantiate the claim."

Previous Accusations of McDonald's

McDonald's feces

However, this accusation feels a bit too familiar to dismiss. For those who don't recall, McDonald's has been down this road before. In 2017, the ice used in McDonald's drinks was found to have traces of fecal bacteria. Then, a year later, traces of feces were found on every McDonald's touchscreen kiosks tested by Each self-order screen was found to have coliform bacteria, which is found in feces.

Dr. Paul Matewele, senior microbiology lecturer at London Metropolitan University was shocked at how much fecal bacteria was found on the touchscreen machines, explaining that "these cause the kind of infections that people pick up in hospitals."

Amanda Brodois, the current alleged victim of McDonald's fecal matter, saved the burger wrapper in question, but health inspectors never came to investigate it. Her lawsuit says that she and her daughter hav continued to feel "severe emotional distress," along with anxiety and a loss of appetite. They sought medical treatment for the effects of the experience.

The plaintiffs are asking for compensatory and punitive damages, along with court costs. We'll see where the lawsuit goes, but no matter its outcome, it's probably best to look closely at that burger wrapper of your next Big Mac!

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