May Produce Guide: Do You Know What's in Season?

Do you make a point to eat seasonally? When you indulge in the farmers markets and fresh seasonal produce stands in your town, you're not only helping out your local agricultural community, you're also gaining wellness brownie points. Well, not actual brownies, but the points stand! Our May produce guide to eating seasonally is here to help you with some recipes for those fresh and insanely delicious in-season vegetables and fruits.

While we still have love for those fruits and vegetables that come to life in April, we're so close to juicy summer produce we can almost taste it! Almost. Here's our guide of 10 recipes to take full advantage of fresh produce.

Our May Produce Guide

1. Cauliflower


Cauliflower is one of those sneaky little vegetables that seems like it's fresh all year long because it's available all year long, but it's far from the case. Ditch the frozen bags of it for the fresh variety and you won't be sorry in the least.

If you're not hiding vegetables in your macaroni and cheese, this Hidden Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese recipe might convince you otherwise. It combines

2. Herbs


It's herb season, y'all! Everything from basil to mint begins to peek out now that the frosty mornings are long behind us. Whether you have grown your own or pick up a fresh bundle of cilantro or dill at the market, you can't go wrong this time of year.

This White Bean Tomato Basil Mason Jar Salad lets fresh basil shine and is the perfect, filling lunch for those busy weekdays when you need something quick on the go.

3. Kale


I know, I know. What once used to line deli cases is now the trendiest superfood on the block. They couldn't give this stuff away fast enough twenty years ago, but kale has enjoyed quite the comeback (some will argue it never was).

Kale takes a little ingenuity and a hefty dose of olive oil to break it down to a supple, bright green sautéed salad and this Sautéed Chickpea and Kale Salad brings out the best the leafy green has to offer.

4. Mango


California mango season truly begins in May, and we're forever grateful for it once these green gems start lining market bins and grocery store shelves. Despite its classic use as a smoothie or frozen drink ingredient, mango is one of the most versatile fruits around.

Ready to experiment with the zestier side of mangos? Whip up a batch of our Tilapia Tacos with Mango Salsa for a weeknight treat that'll have everyone asking for seconds ... and thirds ... and fourths.

5. Mushrooms

may produce guide

Foragers, rejoice! While mushroom season peaks in the fall, there are still plenty of wild varieties growing in fields across the country, especially in the upper Midwest.

When it comes to recipes, mushrooms add texture and depth to any meal, but our Slow Cooker Venison Mushroom Roast is a real crowd-pleaser that is the definition of 'Set it and forget it.'

6. Peas


Oh pea, oh my. Snap peas hit their seasonal stride in May after their lush growing season begins in April. Whether you buy your fresh peas from area farmers or a local grocery store, they're bound to be fresh, crisp, and green.

Peas are an easy addition to any meal, but peas really shine when they're part of a pasta dish, adding a pop of color to any delicious sauce (gravy, if you will). This Slow Cooker Pasta Alla Carbonara is the perfect spring comfort meal.

7. Radishes


Fresh and beautifully pink, radishes are just as versatile as mango and just as underrated to boot. Grill 'em, fry 'em, roast 'em, slice 'em and eat 'em raw: there's no wrong way to enjoy fresh May radishes.

Radishes add a bright pop of color and a crisp crunch to this Roasted Broccoli and Quinoa Salad that's delicious any time of day from lunch to a light, fresh dinner.

8. Rhubarb


Raise your hand if you wait all year for rhubarb season! There's just something about spring produce that is delightfully, richly pink inside and out, and rhubarb is no exception to that.

Take a walk on the wide side with our Strawberry Rhubarb Moonshine with a Rhubarb Simple Syrup that you'll want to sip straight from the spoon. Treat yourself, y'all.

9. Spring Greens

may produce guide

Known as the first cabbages of the year, spring greens do not form a full head, but instead hold a loose, floppy shape. Mustard greens, collard greens, and kale all fit into the spring greens category, though kale is the most prominent in May.

Our Collard Greens with Bacon recipe is a classic anytime of year that works just as well on the Sunday dinner table as it does paired with a pork chop on a Wednesday night.

10. Margaritas


How could you not think that May is synonymous with margaritas?! Is there ever a bad time for a margarita? We think not.

Our Texas Frozen Margarita is just a slight twist on the classic recipe born and bred here in good ol' Texas. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.