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Alan Jackson Shares 'Racing the Dark,' Co-Written With Daughter Mattie Jackson Selecman

Alan Jackson's daughter Mattie Jackson Selecman shares how faith pulled her through the 2018 death of her husband in her first book, Lemons on Friday: Trusting God Through My Greatest Heartbreak (out Nov. 16 via Thomas Nelson/W Publishing Group).

"Ben Selecman passed away twelve days after a traumatic brain injury—and three weeks before celebrating his first anniversary with his wife," reads the book's overview. "Twenty-eight-year-old Mattie had to find a way to move forward and reconcile herself with a good God, even when He did not give her the healing miracle she prayed for."

Jackson Selecman, a creative writing graduate from the University of Tennessee, candidly shares her story to offer hope to her fellow Christians.

"When fundamental parts of our lives are lost, when people and things we thought we'd never lose are suddenly gone, it's natural to want answers," wrote Selecman for the book's overview. "Why did this happen? Who's to blame? What could I have done differently? And for many of us in the aftermath of life-shattering change, we also want to know, where is God? Not just where was He when the tragedy happened, but where is He now in my darkest days of hurt, wondering, and longing for comfort? When I am on the floor, writhing in tears with no idea what the rest of my life will look like, where is God?"

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Jackson Selecman's not alone in chronicling a horrifying chapter in her family's story. Her superstar dad joins mom Denise (a New York Times best-selling author) in writing the forward.

That's not the only collaboration that allows Alan Jackson to share how God helped guide his family through unspeakable loss. The Georgia-born Country Music Hall of Famer shared his first co-write with his oldest daughter, new song "Racing the Dark."

Beyond following her grief process and faith journey, the book lays out how Jackson Selecman found purpose in NaSHEville, a company she co-founded to benefit orphans, human trafficking victims and widows.