Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Awarded Tons of Beer for Naming Son ‘Miller Lyte’

In one of the most outrageous “celebrity” stories in recent history, actor Matthew McConaughey’s older brother, Michael, proves just how much he loves his favorite beer, Miller Lite.

Michael “Rooster” McConaughey managed to make millions by making investments within the Texas oil industry. Rooster recently tried to make it in showbiz with the development of West Texas Investors Club, a CNBC TV series which he describes as “Shark Tank, but for middle America.” In each episode, Rooster shares a beer with potential investors as they go over their business plans. The series, unsurprisingly, tries way too hard to be relatable and ends up falling flat like a can of beer left in the sun.

Now, 66-year-old Rooster is back in the headlines because of the birth of his newest son. According to TMZ, he chose to name his newborn “Miller Lyte” after his favorite beer. Those who are familiar with the McConaughey brother probably aren’t so shocked by his choice. He previously named his daughter Margarita Olympia, after his favorite beer which is no longer distributed.

The kicker to this story is that upon hearing of this ridiculous news, Miller Lite decided to award him with a free year’s supply of beer.

As he’s a self-professed multimillionaire, I’m not sure why this move was necessary, except to give a figurative pat on the back. I hope Miller Lyte gets his own supply of free beer once he turns 21, because we all know he’s going to need it.

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Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Awarded Tons of Beer for Naming Son ‘Miller Lyte’