Matthew McConaughey Stands up for Charlie Strong When Stopped in Austin

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On Monday night, actor Matthew McConaughey was stopped on the streets of Austin by local station Fox 7 News for a comment about Charlie Strong, head coach of the University of Texas Longhorns football team.

There's talk that UT will let go of coach Strong after this season. McConaughey, an avid Longhorns fan and supporter, had some kind words about Strong's impact on the team during his three years at the helm, and he offered up a confident prediction of the game on Friday.


"For his entire three years here, he's had one goal in mind: What's best for these young men," said McConaughey. "That's been his goal. And that's the message that's we'll take forward, that's the message that the whole university, and all our fans, and all the kids are going to take forward is that no doubt, for three years, he's been about what's best for these young men, and who they are in the rest of their life. That's gonna be the legacy of Charlie Strong. And that's a great thing -- and that's why we're gonna go out and whoop TCU's ass on Friday."

McConaughey is a natural when it comes to sharing inspirational words -- even when you catch him off guard walking the streets in his sweatpants with a beer in hand. On a few occasions, Strong has invited McConaughey to give motivational speeches to the team.

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Matthew McConaughey Stands up for Charlie Strong When Stopped in Austin