Louisiana Man Discovers Massive Rattlesnake on Family's Land

Venice, Louisiana resident Justin Roser was clearing a trash pile when he spotted a monster six-foot long rattlesnake slithering on his property in Plaquemines Parish.

The snake wasn't only long, however, it was also really fat. Without hesitation, Roser jumped down and killed the snake.

Roser is the stepson of Ron Price, a professional fishing guide in Louisiana. Price posted a picture of the snake to Facebook.

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Price says he finds rattlesnakes on his land all the time. "I've had longer ones, but that one might have been the thickest one," he told "That was the most impressive thing about it, how fat it was."

Rattlesnakes don't tend to get much longer than about five feet. The longest recorded rattlesnake was 74 inches long, or 6'1".

Here's hoping Ron and Justin get all that trash cleared without anyone getting bitten.

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Louisiana Man Discovers Massive Rattlesnake on Family's Land