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3 Best Masks to Prevent Foggy Glasses (According to Amazon Reviews)


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I wear contacts, but I do love wearing my glasses every now and then. However, that completely changes when I have to go inside with a mask on. I feel so goofy when my glasses fog inside. I know, silly insecurity, but I can't help but think that the person I'm talking to is laughing on the inside. It only took over a year into the pandemic, but I finally found masks for glasses, and everyone I know with glasses is getting a pack in their Christmas stocking this year.

If you wear glasses, you know my pain. Hot air fogging your glasses is so annoying, which is why you'll love these masks. We even made sure to include masks with raving Amazon reviews.

How Are These Masks Any Different

There's a nose wire to limit fogging on your eyeglasses, meaning the nose bridge lets warm air escape the mask.


Best Face Masks for Glasses

1. WITHMOONS Cloth Face Mask

This 3-pack face covering has a nose wire to limit fogging. Since the anti-fog face mask ear straps are stretchy, you'll be able to minimize pain behind your ears. The three-layer design is also a plus. The cotton face mask has a snug fit to keep you safe.

In case you were wondering, this is a best-selling mask set on Amazon. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge uptick in sales, and it's nice knowing thousands of people swear by the mask you're investing in.

The mask has nearly 17,000 ratings, and most of them are incredible. One customer gave the reusable face mask five stars and wrote, "These masks are very comfortable to wear and have become my day-to-day masks."

Grab all three for $15.


2. PAGE ONE Unisex Cotton Cloth Face Masks

This $20 6-pack has breathable face masks with adjustable earloops so you can adjust them to the perfect fit.

Keep in mind these are not CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommended respirators or KN95 masks, however, they have a tight fit that will keep them on your face for as much protection as possible.

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As for reviews about foggy glasses, one customer wrote, "My glasses don't fog up and I can breath. The problem with lectures is you have to take a breath and most of the time I would say, "Just a minute" and would turn and lift my mask and take a breath. I don't have to with these."


Fog-free and elastic ear loops? I need these like yesterday.

3. 50/100PC Anti-fog Disposable Face Mask

A customer gave these masks four stars and wrote, "The mask does cut a little of the fogging but the rough material doesn't catch it all. Using a folded Kleenex across the bridge of the nose works better. Found the Kleenex idea on utube. Perhaps if they had used a soft Kleenex type paper or more absorbant material it would be more effective."

These masks won't do a perfect job, but they decrease fog better than your current masks.

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