Mask lanyards for kids

Mask Lanyards for Kids: Keep Little Ones From Losing Their Masks After Lunchtime


Some adults have trouble keeping up with their masks after taking them on and off all day, so why do we expect kids to keep up with the same mask without losing it? Mask lanyards for kids help little ones hold onto their face covering all day.

Not only do face mask lanyards help kids stay responsible for their masks, but they also come in handy for keeping masks off dirty surfaces. For example, a mask lanyard strap will allow their masks to rest on their person instead of a filthy lunch table, desk, or ground as kids eat, socialize, and play.

Lost masks typically aren't a big deal since many schools keep extras around, but if you're tired of your child losing their reusable face masks, a kid's face mask lanyard is a great purchase.

We found the perfect adjustable mask lanyard for kids to wear. Whether it's for back to school, going out to eat, or anywhere that may require a mask, you can feel confident knowing your little one will have a safe place to keep their mask.


The Best Masks for Kids

We found the best masks for kids (according to Amazon reviews from parents and grandparents). Reviewers say kids found them comfy and breathable, even as they played outside. Some masks are disposable, and some are reusable. Find the best pick for your child's needs and have them give a new mask a try if they aren't a fan of their current masks.

The Best Mask Lanyard for Kids

You can find this 10-pack of mask lanyards in stock on Amazon for $9.99. It's a great deal for families with more than one child.

We love this face mask holder for many reasons, including the adjustable length. It's about 12.4 inches, and you can adjust the face mask strap to your needs. It's super easy to use, too. Attach the ear loops to the hooks. You can use the multicolor neck straps with disposable masks or reusable masks.

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Like an eyeglasses retainer, slip it over your head and wear the mask holder lanyard like a necklace. Some wearers say it even helps with relieving ear pressure. Love it!

The mask necklace has an overall 4.4-star rating out of 5 stars. That's impressive!

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