Video Premiere: Mary Bragg's Soul-Searching 'Fight'

Americana singer-songwriter Mary Bragg lays her soul bare on her recently released album Violets as Camouflage, a moving 14-song collection that she self-produced at her home studio.

"Fight," one of many standout moments on the album, explores the importance of showing vulnerability in a relationship.

"If you hide from me and I hide from you/ Any light between us won't come through," Bragg sings on the ballad, which features singer-songwriter and co-writer Robby Hecht. "It'll always seem like it was black and white/ If you hide from me and I hide from you."

The video, which Wide Open Country is premiering today, features a couple at a crossroads and footage from Bragg's actual wedding.

Bragg says "Fight" is about the fear and doubt that can arise in a relationship and the importance of fighting for what's worth saving.

"Sometimes a particular narrative we've convinced ourselves to believe is all in our heads - you could definitively make up your mind about a person based on some reality that isn't actually real," Bragg tells Wide Open Country. "And of course- sometimes it's 100 percent accurate and you know it's time to move on with your life. Either way, it's never really black and white, is it? The song Robby Hecht and I wrote aims at that heart-sick feeling when your mind is telling you one thing and your heart is telling you another. The video includes footage from my actual wedding ten years ago; the present-day couple forces themselves to sit down and acknowledge what they might be walking away from if they don't fight."

Watch the video premiere of "Fight" below.

For more information on Mary Bragg, visit her official website.

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Video Premiere: Mary Bragg's Soul-Searching 'Fight'