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See Marty Stuart's Surreal Video for 'Way Out West'

Marty Stuart takes a psychedelic trip to the West in the video for his news song "Way Out West."

Way Out West is the title track off Stuart's upcoming album, which will hit stores on March 10.

The surreal black and white video for the song mixes trippy images with clips of Stuart and his band recording and traveling to Western locales.

Earlier this month, Marty Stuart released a teaser of his new album by releasing the first track "Whole Lotta Highway".

Stuart had a hand in producing Way Out West, but he also had the help of Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker's guitarist Mike Campbell, who appears briefly in the video. The Fabulous Superlatives, Stuart's band, also helped with the effort.

Together, they worked out of famed Capitol Studios in Hollywood. "It's the finest cathedral of sound that I have ever been a part of. You can almost see those songs in the air there," Stuart said. "It is truly a magical place."

Way Out West will be Stuart's first release since the 2014 Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, and his 18th studio album.

Here's the full track listing from the upcoming Way Out West:

"Desert Prayer - Part 1?"
2. "Mojave?"
3. "Lost on the Desert"
4. "Way Out West"
5. "El Fantasma del Toro"
6. "Old Mexico"
7. "Time Don't Wait"
8. "Quicksand"
9. "Air Mail Special"
10. "Torpedo"
11. "Please Don't Say Goodbye"
12. "Whole Lotta Highway (With a Million Miles to Go)"
13. "Desert Prayer - Part 2"
14. "Wait for the Morning"
15. "Way Out West (Reprise)"

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