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Marty Stuart to Open New Music Venue, Country Music Museum in Mississippi

Country music legend Marty Stuart has announced plans to develop a new music venue and museum in his Mississippi hometown.

According to the the Neshoba Democrat, Stuart has picked the final location for his new complex in downtown Neshoba, Miss.

"As soon as the papers are signed we are going to jump up and down with the happy dance," Stuart says. "It is exactly the right location after years of kicking tires and studying."

The venue's official name will be the "Marty Stuart Congress of Country Music." Stuart said that the word "congress" is important because it means "gathering place."

The country star says that once the properties are secure, he hopes to start receiving donations to make this project a reality. He also revealed that Steve Miller (leader of the legendary rock and roll group Steve Miller Band) was the first to donate money towards the cause.

With everything falling in place, Stuart says he thinks the project will still take four to five years to complete. Between 28,000 to 49,000 visitors are expected to travel to the small town's upcoming attraction annually.

Stuart's property will include a museum dedicated to the history of country music. There will be memorabilia from music stars ranging from Patsy Cline to Johnny Cash, along with photography shot by both Stuart and his wife, Connie Smith.

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Stuart's massive collection of country music relics is so large that it has received recognition by the Smithsonian and The Library of Congress. With that in mind, I can tell you that this museum will be a sight to see for any country music junkie.

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