Martina McBride Sells ‘Tomato' T-Shirts for Charity in Response to #Saladgate

Martina McBride has created two tomato-themed T-shirts as a response to radio consultant Keith Hill's controversial "Saladgate" comments.

After discussing the issue of equality for women in country radio both on her Facebook page and live on CBS This Morning, McBride decided to take things one step further. She has created two shirts, one that says "Tomato" and another that says "Tomato Lover," that are meant to show support for the women in country music that were compared to the vegetables by Hill. All proceeds raised from the shirts will go to her global charity, Team Martina.

The following message was posted by McBride and her team under the shirt's description:

"Martina McBride has recently spoken out in support of women being played on country radio and wants to give you a chance to show your support as well. The 'tomato' on this shirt is a reference to an analogy made recently by a radio executive about male country artists being referred to as the more important 'lettuce' in a salad and females the 'tomatoes.' His point being: 'If you want to make ratings in country radio, take females out.' Help Martina support the 'tomatoes' of country music by wearing either of these shirts, conceptualized by Martina, while they're available! Any and all proceeds will benefit Martina's charity, Team Martina.

PS: If you feel strongly about hearing more women on your country radio station, give them a call and let them know!"

You can get your own tomato-themed shirt for $12 at McBride's website, but you'll want to hurry. They are only available until 10 P.M. ET on June 6, but McBride says she will consider selling them for an extended period of time if there is enough interest from fans.

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Martina McBride Sells ‘Tomato' T-Shirts for Charity in Response to #Saladgate