Martina McBride Releases Inspiring Video for New Single


Last week, Martina McBride released the music video for her latest single, "Just Around the Corner." The emotional video makes the perfect compliment to McBride's powerful new song about having hope and staying strong. "Just Around the Corner" is a track off of McBride's latest album, Reckless.

"It's interesting, because I feel like the record is a little bit of a throwback sound for me," McBride shares with Rolling Stone Country. "It's a little bit like some things I've done in the past. So it's familiar but it also has some modern sounds on it."

The music video kicks off with a woman leaving a voicemail for her doctor to inquire about test results. She goes through her day, stressing over her health, bills and her messy son and dog. When her husband comes home, he provides her the support she needs, and when her son hands her a picture he drew, her troubles seem to melt away.

McBride's lyrics are inspirational -- like many other songs she's written in the past. With lyrics like, "The weight that you've been holding/The faith that's been broken/Ain't broken any longer/And you'll be stronger/Just around the corner," she encourages listeners of the new song to just hold on no matter what they are going through.

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Martina McBride Releases Inspiring Video for New Single