Martin Mull Passes Away at 80, Fans Mourning Online
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Martin Mull Passes Away at 80, Fans Mourning Online

Comedic Actor Martin Mull tragically passes away at 80 years old. His daughter Maggie breaks the tragic news on her Instagram. She writes a heartfelt tribute in her caption, detailing the kind of life he led in his time and the laughs he gave.

"I am heartbroken to share that my father passed away at home on June 27th, after a valiant fight against a long illness," she says. "[My dad] was known for excelling at every creative discipline imaginable and also for doing Red Roof Inn commercials. He would find that joke funny. He was never not funny. My dad will be deeply missed by his wife and daughter, by his friends and coworkers, by fellow artists and comedians and musicians, and—the sign of a truly exceptional person—by many, many dogs. I loved him tremendously.

Fans know Martin best for his work as Colonel Mustard on the 1985 film Clue. Additionally, you could find Mull on hit TV shows like 'Fernwood Tonight' and 'Roseanne.' Younger viewers may recall his hysterical bits on "Arrested Development" as Gene Parmesan. Moreover, they remember him as Mr. Kraft on 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch.'

Fans Reminisce On Martin Mull's Stellar Comedic Chops and Illustrious Career

Martin's work truly speaks for itself, no matter how you find it. Regardless, the fans grieve the hilarious flourishes he adds to film and TV. Actors and Fans alike remember his extensive career. Comedic actor Tom Arnold recalls his time with him on the set of 'Roseanne.' "Roseanne, Judd Apatow & I are Martin Mull superfans," he writes. "He was a great comic, actor, writer, artist, field goal kicker & neighbor. Martin showed up every time we asked from my 1st HBO special to Roseanne to just answering our lame Fernwood Tonight questions. Martin was a great human."

Similarly, fans eulogize Mull's career online as well. "Super Sky Point to the always funny Martin Mull," one user writes. "...who made every film and tv show he ever appeared in that much better for his presence. Impossible not to like even when he was playing some obnoxious doofus."