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Martha Stewart is Jimmy Kimmel’s Cousin and No One is More Surprised Than They Are

Martha Stewart is full of surprises, from her early modeling career to her unexpected friendship with Snoop Dogg. Along with being an icon in the world of cooking and home decor, Stewart is a highly successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, continuously making waves and exceeding expectations with her accomplishments. The latest surprising tidbit about kitchen goddess Martha Stewart is her relation to Jimmy Kimmel. 

Those who use Stewart's decorating and cooking tips likely know the basic facts about her. As the second of six children, she's never lacked in family members. She also has a daughter, Alexis Stewart, who she had with her ex-husband Andrew Stewart.

However, few people, including Martha Stewart herself, realized that one of her relatives is just as famous as she is. In 2020, Jimmy Kimmel discovered through a genealogy test that he was related to Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart's Surprising Family Connection


To learn more about his family tree, Jimmy Kimmel went on the genealogy PBS show "Finding Your Roots," which has hosted celebrities like celebrities like Queen Latifah, Jeff Goldblum and Jon Batiste. The host, Henry Louis Gates, first asked Kimmel to guess who his famous secret cousin was. When Kimmel failed to make a guess, Gates asked him to turn the page in front of him. 

When he turned the page to reveal who his cousin was, Kimmel was shocked to discover his relation with the decorating and cooking mogul Martha Stewart. The comedian threw his head back in laughter and said "you gotta be kidding me!" He then went on to say "this, by the way, explains me...I make my own vinegar."

Kimmel joked, "well, this is great news for the holidays. I mean, it's very bad news for her, but it's very good news for me." He then laughed and said "bad news Martha, you're a Kimmel!"

The Stewart Kimmel Reunion

After discovering his familial link with Stewart, Kimmel went on Stewart's show "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner" with the plan to reveal their relationship. Upon walking onstage, Kimmel hilariously gave Stewart a dog-shaped charcuterie board. 

Then, after a few moments of small talk, he said "I have a relationship with you that you don't know about!" Stewart looked surprised and said, "Uh oh," waiting for him to continue. Kimmel explained the discovery made on the PBS show, which Stewart confirmed.

Snoop Dogg took the opportunity to wonder who he was related to, jokingly shouting out "Oprah Winfrey!" and "Michael Jordan!"

Stewart then said "It's a pleasure being related to you," to which Kimmel responded, "Yes, I would love to see what our connection is, if I could get a urine sample."

We can only wonder what we'll next discover about Martha Stewart!

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