Midland's Mark Wystrach and Fiancée Ty Haney Expecting a Baby Girl

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Midland's Mark Wystrach has more to anticipate in the next few months than the Aug. 23 release of his band's new album Let It Roll. He and his fiancée Ty Haney are expecting a little girl.

"Ty and I are going to have a beautiful baby girl in a few months -- in November -- and it is the most exciting thing that has happened in my life," Wystrach told People. "Talk about something that makes you really take a step back and truthfully assess who you are and who you wanna be for this young little one."

The couple announced their engagement in May via Instagram. Haney is the founder and CEO of the athletic apparel company Outdoor Voices.

People adds that Wystrach's twin brother, Mike, is expecting a baby around the same time.

"I really do believe in timing," Wystrach told People, explaining that he and his twin "have been through everything in this life together" so "the fact that we are both having baby girls within three weeks of each other, both getting engaged, both getting married, all at the same time -- it's pretty amazing."

Per a prior report by People, the couple met on a blind date at Bufalina pizza restaurant in Austin, Texas after Haney messaged Wystrach on Instagram. They began dating in the spring of 2018.

"I knew from the first moment I laid eyes on her that I was going to marry her," Wystrach told People.

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Midland's Mark Wystrach and Fiancée Ty Haney Expecting a Baby Girl