Mark Wahlberg Slapped With Lawsuit By David Beckham No Less
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Mark Wahlberg Slapped With $10 Million Lawsuit By David Beckham No Less

Mark Wahlberg is in a bit of legal trouble by soccer icon David Beckham no less. Beckham is suing the actor and his fitness company for allegedly duping him.

Beckham said that Whalbergs F45 lied about compensation for an endorsement deal. As a result, Beckham is pursuing a lawsuit for $10 million against Walhberg and the company. They first filed a complaint against the company back in May 2023. He's also suing Mark Wahlberg Investment Group.

Wahlberg is a fitness buff, having previously opened up about his workouts. "Every journey starts with that first step and if you have been slacking off or have never focused on your health or working out, you just have to throw yourself into it and get started!" he told Us Weekly "Starting small is key so you wake up the next day feeling tired and good about yourself, not crazy sore! A little sore is OK, but you don't want to give yourself any excuses in the beginning to not keep on track."

He followed the programs heralded by F45."Shocking the body and changing up the workouts helps me keep in top shape and making improvements," Wahlberg told Us. "I also listen to my body and rest when I need it. ... It is important to keep on track with your fitness and health goals and not lose momentum and slip back into a sedentary lifestyle."

Mark Wahlberg Sued

Wahlberg sought out Beckham to be a global ambassador for the company. The soccer icon agreed to the deal in 2021, becoming acquainted with Wahlberg while in California. However, Beckham said the company never paid him his $10 million in stocks that he was promised.

The company faced an economic downturn losing $370 million over the course of three years. Likewise, it also implemented layoffs and other cost-saving measures. Allegedly, one of those was not paying Beckham what he negotiated. Stocks reportedly plummeted after the soccer icon agreed to the deal.

However, Wahlberg and his team are striking back. They called the lawsuit to be baseless and not representative of fact. "The 209-page, 610-paragraph SAC [complaint] tries to make up with length what it lacks in merit," a response from Wahlberg's lawyers read.

Wahlberg owns more than 30 percent of the company and also serves as its chief brand officers. Beckham is also suing founders Adam Gilchrist and Rob Deutsch as well. Former golfer Greg Norman is pursuing a suit as well.