Mark Wahlberg Says He Made Some Questionable Films As He Talks Faith
Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Netflix

Mark Wahlberg Says He Made Some Questionable Films As He Talks Faith

Mark Wahlberg has starred in many films throughout his career. However, they don't all stand up to the same degree. The actor recently opened up about his film catalog. There are some movies that he finds a bit questionable especially when taking into account his faith.

"I've always said that I hope God is a movie fan," Wahlberg told Fox News. "I mean, I've made some movies, whether it be 'Boogie Nights' or even 'Ted' where, you know, they could be a bit questionable."

However, Wahlberg said he has to find a balance as an actor, husband, and as a parent. All of those factor into his decision making process. He said, "But I also don't want to compromise my artistic integrity. But as a parent and as a husband, those things definitely weigh into my decision-making. But I do like taking chances and risks."

The one thing that remains important to Wahlberg is his faith. He said religion plays a crucial role in all of his actions.

"My faith, my faith and my family and just finding good balance. But I have to attribute all my success to my faith," Wahlberg said. "It's the most important thing. It's afforded me all the things that I've been able to accomplish in my life - my faith, my discipline."

Mark Wahlberg Talks Faith

Wahlberg wants to set an example for his children on both following ones' dreams as well as putting in the hard work to help achieve them.

"I just want them to figure out what it is they want to do and then pursue it with all, with everything that they have, to be passionate about it and put in the work, and the best thing I can do is be an example and show them how hard I'm willing to work to be successful and to make my dreams come true," Wahlberg said.

He continued, "And I just want them to go out there and work hard. If you work hard, there isn't anything you can't accomplish. I try to encourage people, despite where they come from, the obstacles they have to overcome, there isn't anything you can't accomplish if you're willing to do the work."