Mark Chesnutt Announces New Album After 6 Year Hiatus

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After six years of no new music from country musician Mark Chesnutt, he has announced that he will be releasing his 15th studio album, Tradition Lives, on July 8. With the exception of his live album, Live From the Big D, Chesnutt hasn’t put out any new music since 2010.

Chesnutt was a big-time country star in the 90s, earning eight No. 1 hits and four platinum records. Some of his most notable songs include “Too Cold at Home,” “Brother Jukebox,” “Almost Goodbye” and “Blame It On Texas.”

In a recent press release, Chesnutt talks about teaming up with Jimmy Richey for the album. “He and I hooked up at a time when not a lot of people had a lot of faith in me anymore because I stayed ‘country’ when the industry was going the other way,” he says. “I needed somebody like Jimmy who really believed in my kind of country music.”

Ritchey is a composer, producer and talented musician who worked with Chesnutt on three of his previous records. He’s also composed music for George Strait, Kelly Pickler and Jake Owen.

Tradition Lives will also feature a tribute song to Merle Haggard as a bonus track. “A few years back,” Chesnutt explains, “Jimmy Ritchey and I were at his home studio at about 2AM talking about the Hag and his influence on us, and we thought it would be nice to add this song to the album as a tribute to him and to Red Lane. It’s just me with Jimmy on guitar. I hope fans enjoy it.”

Tradition Lives is currently available for pre-order.

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Mark Chesnutt Announces New Album After 6 Year Hiatus