Mariel Buckley
Courtesy of the artist

Song Premiere: Mariel Buckley's Sweetly Sorrowful 'Rose Coloured Frames'

If you're longing for the pensive tearjerkers of classic country music in the modern world, look no further than Calgary, Alberta singer-songwriter Mariel Buckley. With the soul of Emmylou and the keen eye of Springsteen, Buckley has been busy making a name for herself, opening for fellow alt-country acts Hayes Carll and k.d. lang.

Today, Wide Open Country is happy to premiere  "Rose Coloured Frames," the latest from Buckley's upcoming sophomore album Driving in the Dark. The gorgeous, plaintive song is about looking back to look forward and finding comfort in the haze of nostalgia.

"'Rose Coloured Frames' is a song about letting go of something that once was, while knowing that it can never be," Buckley tells Wide Open Country. "The song was an exercise to find peace with some moments from my life. It helped me to remember the purpose of nostalgia, especially when the memories are painful. Because even if it wasn't always the case, it's nice to remember things fondly. "

For Driving in the Dark, Buckley teamed up with esteemed songwriter and producer Leeroy Stagger. The record is the follow-up to her 2014 album Motorhome.

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