Maren Morris Speaks Out Against Autograph Sellers

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Listen up, autograph sellers. Maren Morris has had enough.

The "My Church" singer is ready to put her foot down when it comes to those who sell her signature. Morris took to Twitter to call out an eBay seller trying to pawn off a signed pick guard for $100.

Morris' guitar player found the pick guard on eBay and decided to bid $5 on it. Once Morris started going in on the ebay seller, she didn't stop. In two more tweets, Morris poked fun at the eBay seller, who apparently said he wasn't a charity. Morris' guitarist shot back with "neither is Maren."

Its understandable why Morris would be upset about the autograph seller - he's using her name to make money. It's money that Morris will never see a single cent of, despite it being totally based off of her name. And Morris' name has never been hotter, coming off a killer SNL performance and Grammy nominations.

There's plenty of money to be made for all of Morris' hard work, as well as money to be lost. Which is totally out of Morris' control, whether she likes it or not. The only option left would be to never sign autographs again.

Morris continued her Twitter rant against autograph sellers posting a word to the wise when it came to asking for her signature. "I will gladly take pictures and sign autographs, but it blows when people just use it for profit and aren't fans."

So to all you autograph sellers out there, don't think you can sell Maren Morris' signature without getting called out.

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Maren Morris Speaks Out Against Autograph Sellers