Maren Morris Shares 'Dear Hate' After Dallas Tragedy

Maren Morris released a demo song following the recent tragedy in Dallas, Texas.

After the shooting of five police officers on July 7, Morris posted a link to her Twitter account for a song titled, "Dear Hate."

She co-wrote the unreleased track with Tom Douglas and David Hodges years ago. On July 8, Morris explained on her Twitter that today seemed like an appropriate time to share it with the world.

Born in Texas, Morris expressed lots of love for her home state.

Maren Morris Tweet
Twitter/Maren Morris

"Dear Hate" is a heartfelt ballad about deadly tragedies in American history spurred by hate. In it, she sings about September 11th, the Kennedy assassination and even the Garden of Eden. The song ends with a single statement of hope -- "I hate to tell you/love's gonna conquer all."

Morris is currently touring with Keith Urban on his Ripcord Tour. She's also enjoying the success of her hit songs "My Church" and "80s Mercedes."

Listen to "Dear Hate"

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Maren Morris Shares 'Dear Hate' After Dallas Tragedy