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Maren Morris' New Video for 'Rich' Takes the Singer Way out West

For her "Rich" music video, Maren Morris' fast train to full-on pop stardom stopped off at a place that technically gives her western roots.

On the surface, the Wild West makes for an unlikely setting for a song that name drops Prada and Mercedes Benz. By video's end, the visually stunning and occasionally funny story gets across how relationship dramas and the love of money transcend time and place. A roaming outlaw might've got the song's message, even if she wasn't scrounging for the means to afford a yacht.

Plus, the dynamite bit is hilarious, especially when it gets incorporated into the song's first swear word. Morris' character outwits the bad guys and gets to inject a little comedy that matches the song's light-hearted feel. Expect that particular moment to start popping up in your social media comments as a GIF, along with that sly wink at the end after Morris' husband Ryan Hurd makes a guest appearance.

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The project reunited Morris with video director TK McKamy. The Atlanta-area filmmaker also worked on the video for Morris' duet with Thomas Rhett, "Craving You."

Morris' country-meets-reggae-meets-hip-hop hit became the fourth and final single off her 2017 breakthrough album Hero.

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