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6 Country Artists Who've Posed in 'Playboy' or 'Playgirl'

There's a long line of celebrities who've appeared on the cover or in the pages of Playboy. Goldie Hawn, Drew Barrymore, Farrah Fawcett and Daryl Hannah have all appeared on the men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine, which was founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner. A few male celebrities — Burt Reynolds, to name one burly sex symbol of yore — have appeared in the pages of Playboy's women's magazine counterpart, Playgirl. (In fact, Playgirl-creator Doug Lambert credited Reynold's iconic 1972 Cosmopolitan nude centerfold photo shoot as a source of inspiration.)

And, yes, even country stars, from a bunny suit-clad Dolly Parton to a soul-patched Keith Urban posing with little more than a guitar,  have graced the pages of the magazines. Some may call the magazines risqué, but the publications are known to get to the heart of interview subjects with some of the most soul-baring and hard-hitting celebrity profiles.

Read on to see which country stars have appeared in Playboy and Playgirl.

Maren Morris, 2019

File Photo by: zz/Galaxy/STAR MAX/IPx 2019 2/8/19 Maren Morris at the Musicares Person of the Year Tribute at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Photographed by Harper Smith, Grammy-winning country singer-songwriter Maren Morris appeared in Playboy for their Gender + Sexuality issue in 2019. The artist discussed her work as a producer, her marriage to fellow singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd, 2019 album GIRL, feminism, body shamers, internet trolls, gender inequality on country radio and more.

"Women in this industry are often pitted against each other. It's not our fault, but we internalize it, because that's what women do," Morris said. "We take on the weight, because we're always so quick to apologize and make peace when we should be like, "Actually, this is their issue, not ours. We need to figure this out. It's not our fault there are so few slots that we turn on each other."


Morris also discussed why she values the ability to use her platform to speak out on issues that matter to her.

"I don't want to be one of those head-in-the-sand artists who's only worried about keeping the money in my pocket," Morris said. "I get only one life here, and if I'm going to be a musician and do this thing I've been given a gift for, I would like people to know what I believe in. This is where I stand, this is what I want, this is the world I want my kids to live in. That's why I speak up when I do. It definitely ruffles feathers. Not many country artists speak up."


As for being on the shortlist of country artists to be featured in Playboy, Morris, who posed topless and in a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, noted that she's in good company.

"I was intrigued, because so many of the moves Dolly made in her career were about bucking the status quo, especially when it came to sexuality and gender norms within country music," Morris said. "As a woman in country music—as a woman in any genre—it always fascinated me. So when I heard this magazine wanted to interview and photograph me, I thought, Okay, I've seen a lot of wonderful spreads you guys have done with artists I love, such as Halsey, so what the hell?"

Dolly Parton, 1978

Singer Dolly Parton and actress Candy Bergen in May 1977. (AP Photo)

Speaking of Dolly, the country legend appeared on the cover on Playboy in 1978. Not to be outdone, Parton posed in the official Playboy Bunny uniform, which just so happened to be designed by Patricia Taylor, the mother of Keanu Reeves. Small world. (During an appearance on The Talk, Reeves revealed that he once wore the same outfit for Halloween in high school.)

During her interview with Larry Grobel, Parton discussed a variety of topics, including getting dirty. Literally.

According to Parton, she's not done with the magazine. In an interview with 60 Minutes Australia, the country superstar said she wants to recreate her 1978 cover at the age of 75.

"I don't plan to retire. I just turned 74 and I plan to be on the cover of Playboy Magazine again," Parton said. "See, I did Playboy Magazine years ago, and I thought it'd be such a hoot if they'll go for it — I don't know if they will — if I could be on the cover again when I'm 75."

Keith Urban, 2001

Country music performer Keith Urban of Australia arrives at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tenn. for the Country Music Association awards show on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2001. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)

Before he was married to Nicole Kidman and was still sporting some very early aughts facial hair, Keith Urban posed for Playgirl

Urban posed with his guitar (and nothing else).

"I was a little nervous, but I'm just grateful that I play guitar and not harmonica," the singer quipped to CMT back in 2001.

Though he has a great sense of humor about it, Urban has said he regrets the photo shoot.

"I wasn't embarrassed at the time, but obviously in hindsight, no pun intended, I wish I hadn't done it," Urban said.

Darryl Worley, 2007

Darryl Worley performs "Have You Forgotten" at the 38th annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, Wednesday, May 21, 2003. (AP Photo/Joe Cavaretta)

"Have You Forgotten" singer Darryl Worley posed semi-nude in Playgirl back in 2007. The singer told The Boot that while he had no hesitations, his mom was a little worried.

"[She] talked to me about that," Worley said in 2009. "I said, 'Chill out, I didn't flag the lower unit. Everything is cool."

Billy Currington, 2005

Billy Currington accepts his award for hottest video of the year at the CMT Music Awards show on Monday, April 10, 2006 in Nashville, Tenn. Currington won for his video "Must Be Doin' Something Right." (AP Photo/John Russell)

"People Are Crazy" singer Billy Currington graced the cover of Playgirl in 2005.

"Playgirl was something I didn't actually decide to do," Currington told CMT.com. "It was out of the blue. I get this call from someone at my label [who] says, 'Hey, you know Playgirl wants you to do this four-page article. And they want to put you on the cover of the magazine.' ... I ended up feeling like it was OK to do, and it's been really good for the career in a small way. I constantly feel like I sign more of those magazines than I do my own merchandise."

Aaron Tippin, 1998

"There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With the Radio" singer Aaron Tippin has the distinction of being the first country artist to appear on the cover on Playgirl.

The singer told CMT.com that he was flattered by the request...and even his mama approved of the tasteful photo shoot.

"When Thea (Tippin's wife) called me out on the road to say that Playgirl wanted me to be on the cover, I just laughed 'cause I thought she was kiddin' me,"  Tippin told CMT.com. "When I realized that she was serious and that I wouldn't have to take off my clothes, I was pretty flattered that they wanted me to be the first country singer on their cover. I was really pleased with how the article turned out. They were great to work with and did a good job putting the pieces together. It's something I wouldn't be ashamed to show my mama. In fact, she was at the photo shoot."

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