See Maren Morris Perform 'Once' in Nashville's Historic Studio A

Screengrab via Vevo

Maren Morris pleads to a lost lover in her intimate live video performance of "Once."

Filmed in Nashville's historic RCA Studio A, the rising singer-songwriter lets all of her emotions run through each line of the heartbreaking track. Featured on her debut full-length record Hero, "Once" is a heartfelt plea to a former lover.

Although she acknowledges things are over, she simply asks him to remember when he still felt something strong for her. It's a simple premise, but the message is all the more powerful, thanks to Morris' incredible vocals.

Although her music has been a hit in the country world, Morris' sound is highly influenced from a number of other genres. The soulful, R&B inspired flow of the track gives it a timeless and somewhat nostalgic vibe. If you've ever survived a painful breakup, this is a song that will definitely hit you right in the feels.

Morris is currently opening for Keith Urban on his RipCORD World Tour, which is traveling across the country through the end of the year. Later this fall, she'll join Grammy-winning artists and The Voice judge Alicia Keys for an upcoming episode of CMT Crossroads. Fans can check out the episode on CMT beginning Dec. 2.

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See Maren Morris Perform 'Once' in Nashville's Historic Studio A