See Maren Morris Cover Keith Urban’s ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’

Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

It seems Maren Morris and Keith Urban are getting along swimmingly on the road. Yes, they know each other so well now, they finish each others…songs?

Morris used Urban’s new song “Blue Ain’t Your Color” for a recent soundcheck in Los Angeles. Her soulful voice feels perfect for the retro track that clearly draws inspiration from LeAnn Rimes’ famous “Blue.”

Too bad it’s just a snippet! After those few seconds, there’s no doubt Morris could totally nail the full thing. The song appears on Urban’s recent album, Ripcord. But Urban didn’t let Morris out-friendly him for long.

Morris just released her new single “80s Mercedes” to radio. Urban took the opportunity to post a clip on Facebook jamming the song. Less than a day old, the clip has nearly half a million views.

That, of course, may be in part to the excellent cinematography of Urban’s 5-year-old daughter, Faith.

Maren Morris releases her music video for the new single soon. With any luck, the “Urban bump” will get the song off to a good start.

Brett Eldredge also joined Morris on Urban’s massive Ripcord World Tour. So don’t be surprised if he joins the fun. After all, Eldredge’s weekly couch covers from back in the day still rack up the YouTube views.

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See Maren Morris Cover Keith Urban’s ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’