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Maren Morris Receives Callback Auditon for 'Wicked': 'I am in Tears'

Per an April 11 tweet, Maren Morris is a step closer to trading Nashville's Broadway for New York City's Broadway.

Morris' announcement garnered positive reactions from fellow artists Jason Isbell and Kix Brooks as well as one of her biggest fans, the Recording Academy.

Back in May, Morris shared a test shot from her audition tape for the musical Wicked. The Grammy award-winner sang a portion of "The Wizard and I," which is sung by the green witch, Elphaba. The role of Elphaba was originated by Idina Menzel.

While standing in front of a backdrop purchased on Amazon, Morris nailed the familiar tune: "And I've just had a vision/Almost like a prophecy/I know it sounds truly crazy/And true, the vision's hazy."

"Prepping for this audition is harder than I thought," Morris tweeted in a post for *VOCAL NERDS ONLY*. "Elphaba hitting a full voice F5 but mostly being an alto the rest of act 1 is tough! What vocal warmups would work for this part?"

She also tweeted about the technicality of vocal range that is required for the character, since Elphaba transitions from falsetto to full voice while singing. "It's very technically skilled and I can do it, but the idea of 8X a week is daunting!" Morris wrote. "As a singer of my own music, I can belt, but rarely."

Earlier in May, the singer revealed that she was interested in auditioning for the Broadway show, which chronicles the story of Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. The musical is currently being adapted into a two-part feature film starring Cynthis Erivo and Ariana Grande.

Kristin Chenoweth joined other celebrities in encouraging Morris to chase her Broadway drea,.

"You could play either part," Chenoweth tweeted. "Call me and let's chat. Come on baby. I got you. And you got the chops."

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