Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse Keeps Joey Feek’s Spirit Alive

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Before Joey + Rory found success as a country duo, Joey Feek decided to open up a restaurant with her sister-in-law.

Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse and Bakery sits in the small community of Pottsville, Tenn., less than an hour’s drive south of Nashville. The small eatery serves up a selection of incredible homemade meals and baked goods that are much-beloved by locals.

“It’ll change your life and your hips at the same time,” Marcy Jo’s co-owner Marcy Gary told WKRN about the restaurant’s famed pecan sticky buns. Aside from the smell of delicious foods, Marcy Jo’s is filled with something else – memories. It was nine years ago that Joey Feek started the business with Marcy Gary, and a lot has changed since then.

“When Marcy Jo’s came about, him and Joey had just started this singing duo. And me and Joey were already working here at the restaurant,” Gary explained. “And they just sort of took off.”

Feek used to arrive at the crack of dawn to light the restaurant’s wood-fire stove and set up for business. Now, she is surrounded by family in her hometown of Indiana as she deals with terminal cervical cancer.

Although it’s likely that Feek will not get to step through the doors of Marcy Jo’s again, her spirit is alive and well. Nearly every inch of the business is covered with memorabilia or photos of Joey and Rory. A radio plays the duo’s music from the corner of the restaurant. During a time of great sadness, Marcy Jo’s has become a hub for hope and support for Feek and her family.

“I think that’s what’s keeping Joey going,” Marcy Gary says. “All the love.”

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Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse Keeps Joey Feek’s Spirit Alive