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Map Shows the Top Exports in Every State

Have you ever tried to guess what those big manufacturing companies you pass by every day are actually making? Well, one Reddit user has the answer for you.

This map, created with data from the U.S. Census Bureau, shows what goods each individual state exports the most.

Some states' results aren't very surprising. For instance, we all know that Maine ships out tons of lobsters. But who knew that the majority of the country exports airplanes? A whopping 15 states have a top export of airplanes. You can probably throw Hawaii into the bunch with their exports of helicopters.



Some of the other strange results include Minnesota's top export of needles and Colorado's circuits industry. If you are looking for soybeans, Louisiana and Virginia are the top places to find them. Personally, my favorite is Nevada, Utah and Massachusetts's gold export, but New York's diamond trade is also pretty nice.

Naturally, several of the states ship things like petrol, crude oil and coal. Mississippi and Missouri help drive that industry by exporting the most cars in the nation. Medicine and medical supplies are popular items in a handful of states, and you can find the most cigarettes in Montana.

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This simple map shows how important the United States manufacturing industry is to both its residents and the rest of the world. Where does your state rank?

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