Map Shows What Every State in the U.S. is Best At

Company-focused towns were once a major force in America. Considering forces like globalization, though, times have changed. Now, instead of company towns, we have industry-driven states. These specialties can range from Texas's fondness for oil to Silicon Valley's technological advancements.

To help make sense of this newfound economy, HowMuch has once again brought us a new informational map. They took info from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis to create the infographic. Check it out below.

There's plenty of interesting tidbits to pull from this graphic. For instance, this map shows what states share both borders and specialties. While the West Coast is into computers and electronic products, the Southwest is big on oil and gas. Things get more spread out the further east you go. Considering all of the big name companies who settled down in states like California and Texas and spread from there, though, it's not the biggest surprise.

What might be especially intriguing are the states that are more or less lone wolves. For instance, only Utah and Hawaii are best at accomodations. Either way you spin it, this map provides a simple glimpse into a complicated economy.

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