Map Shows Weirdest Popular Google Searches by State


Apparently, Texans have a particularly hard time finding the Internet. At least according to this new map, which shows what question each state googles more than every other state.

The research was done by real estate company Estately, which analyzed Google searches from each state since 2004. Texans searched “Where is the Internet?” more than any other state, and to be fair, it’s a pretty good question. Don’t pretend you haven’t asked yourself that same question.

However, some states have slightly more peculiar questions. Georgians want to know why their nipples are so sore (maybe it’s the peaches and beaches?). Iowans want to know if penguins have knees. Missourians just want to know if they’re psychos (yes, probably).

Floridians just want to be loved, or to at least know why they’re hated, and Arkansas could probably use a better school system since so many people still don’t know who won the Civil War.

In the most stereotypical search possible, Californians ask if Bernie Sanders is vegan. Kentuckians want to know how to make a baby (if you have to ask, you shouldn’t be concerned about making one), and Tennesseans may want to talk to their doctors.

Wyoming gets self-reflective, asking, “What is Wyoming?” and Hawaiians are deep in thought pondering the meaning of life. Meanwhile, South Dakotans just want to know why their poop is so darn green.

Check out the map below and prepare to laugh. [Click here to enlarge the map]

Map Most Searched Terms

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Map Shows Weirdest Popular Google Searches by State