Map Shows Which States Are the Most Stressed

We all know that life can be stressful. But what are the different factors that cause stress in our lives? Thanks to WalletHub, we now have a list of the states that ranks which states experience these feelings the most.

In order to complete the state rankings, they broke the scoring down into four main categories: work, family, money and health-related stress.

So who wins the award for stressing out the most? The South takes the cake, with the entire region ranking in the top 25. In fact, seven of the southern states land inside the top 10.

Alabama comes out as the most stressed state in the entire country with a score of 56.91. You can see how each state fared by checking out this handy interactive map below.

Source: WalletHub

So why are we all so stressed? WalletHub also researched the various factors that can help increase anxiety and worry in residents. It's no surprise that high-ranking states like Louisiana and Mississippi also happen to have the highest percentage of the population living below the poverty line.

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Residents in these states also have some of the lowest overall credit scores and the highest amount of adults in poor health. Plus, they have the lowest amount of psychologists available to help with these issues, making them even more difficult to handle.

You can take a look at where your state lands in each of these individual lists at WalletHub.

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