what each state calls soft drinks

Map Shows What Each State Calls Their Favorite Soft Drinks

For someone from the South, hearing the word "pop" in reference to a soft drink is just plain strange. The same goes for people who journey below the Mason Dixon Line and wonder why people order a "coke" when they don't actually want a Coca-Cola.

So, what areas of the country say pop, soda and coke? This handy-dandy map created by Matthew Campbell and Prof. Greg Plumb of East Central University in Oklahoma shows exactly what each state calls soft drinks.

The data was collected by Pop vs. Soda, an online survey that collected information from thousands of people across the country.

The results aren't too shocking. The majority of people in Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia use the term "coke." The map also proves that people from the Northwest and Midwest prefer using the word "pop."

California, Arizona, New England and a small pocket of the Midwestern choose to call their soft drinks "sodas." And then there are the states that really don't know where they stand in the pop vs. coke vs. soda war, like North Carolina, New Mexico, Alaska and Virginia.

For a more detailed breakdown of each state's data, head over to Pop vs. Soda where you can even submit your own beverage terminology preference.