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Map Shows the Favorite Food of Every State

The Cooking Channel conducted a nationwide poll to ask Americans to vote for their respective “official” state foods. Each state elected their preferred culinary candidate.

This map, first posted on Reddit and discovered via Mental Floss, shows the divergent palates of American voters.

What’s your state’s signature food? Which indigenous cuisine do you think best reflects the strengths of your home state?

Check out the map below to see if your favorite food made the cut. [Click here to enlarge]

From the garish (Utah’s “Funeral potatoes”), to the self-evident choice of buffalo wings in New York, the results of the poll are sure to keep food partisans engaged in the process for weeks and months to come.

The conversation surrounding the narrative regarding best foods in America has been a fever-pitch level for years now, and this recent referendum only serves to take the debate to another level.

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Map Shows the Favorite Food of Every State