Map Shows What People Wonder About Each State, According to Google

Chloe Effron/MentalFloss

Mental Floss’ Google autocomplete map is pretty eye-opening and hilarious. They went incognito in Google Chrome and searched “Why Does” for each state and created a map showing what the most searched for injuries were. They noted that they excluded results relating to sports teams for each state, except for in the case of Alabama because that’s all people searched for.

Some of the results make sense. “Why does Lousiana speak French?” and “Why does Ohio vote early?” are valid questions. People also seemed to be very concerned over the fact that Kentucky and Tennessee having two time zones (also a legitimate question).

Mental Floss
Chloe Effron/Mental Floss

Some of the questions were downright mean, though. One common question on the map is “Why does West Virginia/Delaware/Rhose Island exist?” Harsh! Nebraska got called out for being a smelly state, and everyone is wondering why the sunshine state sucks so much.

Googlers seem to think New Mexico hates Texas and Colorado hates California. Oh, and apparently Montana hates the FBI and Maryland hates Martin O’Malley.

You can check out more fun, informational state maps over on Mental Floss.

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Map Shows What People Wonder About Each State, According to Google