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Map Shows Most Popular Alcoholic Drink Choices in Each State

Whether it's from a bottle or a glass, we all have our drink of choice after a long work day. Wine blog Vinpair have categorized our drinking habits by calling out each state for their preferred booze consumption. In one of their latest maps, they've divided the U.S. into sections depending on the most popular drink choice of each state.

Areas like Northern California, Oregon and Washington prefer their locally produced wine. To the east of wine country, you'll find loyal Bud drinkers holding down the fort in the Midwest states. Colorado holds true to the brand that turns their Rocky Mountains blue. Texas is staying true to its Lone Star roots by sipping on some Shiner, while Florida fancies the good old taste of Margaritas and rum. Seems fitting for a state full of beaches, salt water and sunshine.

Kentucky and Tennessee show their southern pride with the taste of good old bourbon and whiskey, while West Virginia prefers the rebel ways of moonshine. Dogfish and Sam Adams remain the most popular in their respective states. Wine seems to overtake beer consumption up northeast while wine lovers of New York and Michigan prefer riesling. Rounding out the map is Utah, who falls into a category of their own.

So, do you fit in to the state you live in based on your alcohol consumption? If not, this map is perfect for scoping out your next move. Take a look below for a full run down on every state.


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Map Shows Most Popular Alcoholic Drink Choices in Each State