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Map Shows the Most Misspelled Words in Each State

We've all found ourselves checking the internet for the correct spelling of a word now and then. But what word does your state misspell the most?

A new map from Google Trends shows what word each state searched for the most with the words "how to spell." While there are a few reasonably challenging words that pop up, you might be surprised at which words trip up a majority of Americans.

The rage-inducing spelling of "pneumonia" has understandably caused thousands of Google searches. But you might not think "beautiful" would be an overall challenging word to spell. Still, it's the top search in five separate states across the U.S.

For some reason, Georgia residents just don't know how to spell "gray," and Tennesseans are challenged by the word "chaos." But the weirdest one on this list might just be Rhode Island's confusion over "liar."

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And yes, the word "ninety" is actually misspelled on the map. Hey, I'm just the messenger. Maybe it was an intentional move by Google to keep us on our toes.

So, which word did your state search for the most?

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