This Surprising Map Shows the Largest Employers in America

Visual Capitalist

A new map shows that one company has a strong hold on America as an employer, especially in the South.

According to Visual Capitalist, Walmart is the largest private employer in the U.S. as the megastore tops the list in 22 states. Healthcare and education dominate 23 other states, as seen in the map below.

Visual Capitalist

Visual Capitalist says they used information from 24/7 Wall St. to create the map. They found that Walmart has about 1.5 million employees in America with Texas and Florida holding the highest number of workers at 171,531 and 108,321, respectively.

As one can see from the map, Walmart dominates all of the southern states except for North Carolina, where the University of North Carolina system reigns supreme with 74,079 employees. But Walmart isn't exactly lacking in influence. In N.C., they have 218 stores and 58,525 employees.

Some people may be surprised to not see Amazon as the largest employer in any state, including its home state of Washington. Visual Capitalist says that due to the company's growth and the bid for the second headquarters, Amazon could pop up as a major employer soon.

What company is the biggest employer in your state?

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This Surprising Map Shows the Largest Employers in America