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Map Shows the Hardest College to Get Into in Each State

With high school graduation right around the corner, many teens are finalizing their applications for universities across the country. But just how difficult is it to get into your child's prospective schools?

Business Insider collected data from Niche to create a graphic showing off the hardest colleges to get in to in all 50 states.

The list of colleges is based on scores reported to the Department of Education. 60 percent of the ranking includes college acceptance rates and the ACT/SAT received a weighted average of 40 percent.

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According to Niche, there is not enough information from other universities in order to finalize the most competitive colleges in Alaska, Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada.

And the results are surprising. Who knew that the University of Miami is actually the hardest university to get into in Florida? Would you have guessed that Mississippi Valley State University beats out Ole Miss and Mississippi State for the top spot?

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This helpful list might just help your own child narrow down their top university picks. Or you can just use it to gloat among family members if your alma mater made it No. 1.

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