This Map Shows Every State's Favorite Reality TV Show


Reality shows are somewhat of a television phenomenon, with many Americans obsessed with tuning in to watch real life unfold on their TV screens. CableTV has collected data to determine the reality show Google trends in the U.S. and created a fun map that shows each state's preferences.

According to CableTV, "viewers love to indulge in reality shows that reflect their own regional interests. Many of the popular reality TV shows in each state reinforced regional stereotypes and clichés."

Some regional trends are Duck Dynasty, The Bachelor and The Apprentice. Other shows seem to be dispersed randomly across the country. Texas, Florida, Illinois and New Jersey all are the most interested in Shark Tank. Another big one was Hoarders, which seems to be spread out all over the country as well.

every state's favorite reality tv show

CableTV found other interesting trends with their reality TV show data. For instance, they report that "Republicans peep into polygamy with Sister Wives while Democrats model the latest fashions on Project Runway."

Another interesting finding suggests that those with criminal backgrounds watch Love & Hip Hop the most, while those with squeaky clean records indulge in Survivor. Also, the most educated viewers lean toward Project Runway, while those without degrees are fans of Duck Dynasty.

CableTV also analyzed show preferences based on age and marital status. "Older viewers could be found communing with Long Island Medium while younger folks practiced their steps on So You Think You Can Dance," they report. As for couples, they watch Sister Wives, while singles are more apt to watch Love & Hip Hop.

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This Map Shows Every State's Favorite Reality TV Show