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Map Shows the Most Desired Restaurants in Each State

Thanks to this informative map from QSR which shows the most desired restaurants in each state, we can see the widespread popularity and reputation of certain food chains... and that Americans really love their burgers.

To compile the data, QSR polled 6,000 people in a series of surveys in 2015 and asked, "What restaurant does your city/state not have, that you wished it did?" The results might actually surprise you.

most requested restaurants in each state
QSR Online

You may think Cracker Barrel is a mainstay in all 50 states, but in Wyoming, that is the restaurant that people requested the most. The other two most requested in the state were Red Lobster and Chick-fil-A.

Common among most southern state was the desire for In-N-Out Burger. For example, in Texas, In-N-Out was the number one pick, followed by Tim Horton's and White Castle.

In the Midwest, it looks like people are craving some better burgers. Indiana, Illinois and Missouri all requested Whataburger, while Ohio, Wisconsin, and Kentucky all said they would like In-N-Out burger.

They were several states that seemed like the odd guys out. For instance, Oregon requested Buffalo Wild Wings, North Dakota requested Ruby Tuesdays and Louisiana really wants a Chilis.

For more details on the top three most desired restaurants in each state, head on over to QSR Online.

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Map Shows the Most Desired Restaurants in Each State