Map Shows the Most Dangerous Intersection in Every State

You come to the stop sign and eek up to peer around the corner, knowing that at any second some hell-on-wheels Dukes of Hazard wannabe will come barreling past at top speed. There's an intersection like that in every town, unfortunately, and now, thanks to this map, we know which ones are the most dangerous in each state.

A study recently put out by Time Magazine identified the most dangerous intersection in every state in the United States. Time identified the intersection at Knights Road and Street Road in Bensalem, Penn. as the most dangerous in the nation. In a two-year time span, there were 144 accidents at those cross streets. In addition to that, 170 deaths or injuries reported.

Time examined auto-pedestrian accidents in each state to pinpoint which streets were the most dangerous. Chicago law firm Reubens & Kress then took the information from the Times study and turned it into this handy map.

Image via Reubens & Kress

In North Carolina, you'll want to take a circuitous route around Patton Ave. and Leicester Hwy in Asheville, which was a runner-up for the most dangerous intersection in the country.

Also, if you find yourself in Memphis, Tenn., be sure to avoid the intersection at Poplar Ave. and Ridgeway Rd.

Furthermore, Missourians might want to be cautious when approaching North Grand Blvd and Montgomery St. in St. Louis.

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Map Shows the Most Dangerous Intersection in Every State