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Map Shows Where America's Working Class Can't Afford to Live

These days, it feels like the cost of living just keeps on skyrocketing. But some cities across the U.S. have become so expensive that working-class families simply can't afford to make ends meet.

This map, created by and their True Cost of Living Tool, plots out which cities are the best and worst when it comes to living with a working-class wage.

The colors of each city's representative bubble show you if you have money left or are in debt after paying living expenses. Naturally, the biggest cities in the country are incredibly unaffordable for those in the working-class category. New York, San Francisco and Boston need at least $60,000 more than their average wages to just get by.

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On the flip side, Fort Worth, Newark and Glendale, Ariz. are extremely affordable. Working-class folks will still have a big chunk of change in their pocket after paying for their living expenses each month. That can make a big difference for families when an emergency or unexpected expense pops up.

So where does your own city rank? You can find more info at

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